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Where are you Spring?

Rebecca Hopkins

Posted on March 21 2023

Where are you Spring?

And it's not just clothes that we've been taking delivery of.  Lots of lovely new jewellery too including Estella Bartlett, Boho Betty, Enamel Copenhagen and new brand Sarah Verity Jewellery.  It's all very colourful and spring-like.


1. Estella Bartlett Gold Knot Necklace

2. Estella Bartlett Multi-colour CZ Earrings

3. Sarah Verity Rose Quartz Ring

4. Enamel Copenhagen Laura Earrings

5. Estella Bartlett Semi Precious Bracelet


As well as lots and lots of new jewellery, the deliveries of clothes keep coming.  We've had a new brand called Skatie just in, which has been really well received with one dress being restocked already.  We're absolutely loving all the colours which are popping on the rails.

1. Skatie Geometric Knit

2. Ichi Marion Knit

3. Kaffe Sofia Knit

4. Numph Nikkie Knit

5. Skatie Retro Knit

Now, what makes an outfit?  That's right, its the accessories and boy do we have a few to show you...

Sunglasses - we have four brands of sunglasses, starting from £20 with the most expensive being £30

Belts - lots of different types of belts.

Hair Accessories - lots of different clips and hairbands available

Bags & Purses - look no further for some arm candy.

I think we've mentioned our new brands: Skatie and Mewsie.  Skatie is full of long dresses and spring knits, just what we need right now.  We're just waiting for Mewsie to be delivered but this is a lovely boho brand and perfect for summer.

Need cheering up?  Well pop into either our Winchester or Westbourne stores.  There's lots of lovely new bits perfect to give you that instant lift.

Lots of love

Lou & Bex



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