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February is here... Hurrah!

Rebecca Hopkins

Posted on February 02 2023

February is here... Hurrah!


Well it's not exactly the first day of Spring but the longest month ever is finally over!  Feels like something to celebrate, doesn't it?

The days are definitely getting longer and Spring 23 is arriving in our shops thick and fast.

Take a peek at what's new online or come into store to see us.... We'd love to see you as always xx


Pretty in pink, blue, yellow...

So many gorgeous, bright colours just in from our friends at Sugarhill Brighton.

It's out with all the dark colours and in with beautiful brights and pastels.  Our shops feel so spring-like and we're absolutely loving it.

Links below for some of the newness from Sugarhill Brighton.

1. Yvette Cardigan

2. Essie Jumper

3. Kiara Midi Smock Dress

4. Eliza Frill Blouse 

5. Valentina Jumper


Colour for your home.

Add a touch of colour to your home too with our new range of recycled glass vases from just £6.  We've loved choosing new homewares for you all and there's so much coming in from recycled glass to wicker baskets to plant pots.  All ready for spring (can you tell we're desperate for it?)

And of course, February is the month of LOVE!

Treat yourself, a friend or a loved one to a little something to celebrate.  You/they are definitely worth it :)

New brands in, featuring smellies to prints to cards to jewellery.  We're getting new deliveries every day which is just so exciting.  Every box is like Christmas day for us - just too many to remember, so every delivery is a bit of a surprise, it's definitely one of the (many) nice parts of the job... Finding space for it all definitely isn't!

If you can pop in we'd love to see you.  If not, our website is open 24/7 and if you want to hear more updates from us then you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (mintteaboutique).

Lots of love

Lou & Bex xx


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