Welcome to Mint Tea Boutique...

We're Bex and Lou, co-founders, owners, shop workers, buyers, social media dabblers of MTB based in Winchester & Westbourne.

We've been good friends for over 20 years now, had our babies at the same time (5 weeks between the oldest and 11 days between the youngest) and never in our wildest dreams thought we’d end up working in a shop, together!  

Our favourite days are when we're off to London buying for the shop (we've taken all 4 kids before) or when we're working together in the shop (we like to pretend we work at Selfridge's..."can I have that in a size 12 please Mrs Goodall")

When we're not working, we love to...Get the kids together...they love each other! Chill out - we're the queens of a spa day!
See our friends...Lou likes it out-out, whereas I'm a home bod. Holidays, anytime, anywhere, we're not fussy!

Like all families, it's a juggle but it works, somehow.  We love our job and we're lucky enough to work together.  We really hope you like what we’ve found, you lovely lot are what we’re constantly thinking about when we’re searching for new products and brands.  

Lots of love 
Bex and Lou 

P.S. If you do have any questions, thoughts or just want to get in touch to say ‘hi’ please do using the contact us button.