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Seed Revolution Wild Flower Seeds Scatter Packet


Trapped within each pack is a mini meadow just waiting to go bloom!

You’ll find both annuals and perennials, like poppies, cornflowers, ox eye daisies, and so much more.

Harvested from organic meadows in west Dorset, each pack contains a unique blend of native flowers and ancient grasses that bees simply go wild for!

Why Wild flowers?

Since the 1930s we have lost 97% of our wild flower meadows in this country. Meadows which provide essential habitats for pollinators.

What are pollinators? Bees, bugs, insects, basically those little creatures which convey pollen to a plant allowing it to fertilise.

Why is this important? Because every plant, or crop that we eat, everything, is dependent on this process. No pollinators no us. Simple as that. So it’s pretty important we make sure they’re happy!

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