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Orelia Layered Necklace Separator



This Layered Necklace Separator lets you wear the biggest jewellery trend - layered necklaces - without tangling, and prevents the clasp of the chains moving round to the front of your neck. This easy to use tool also ensures you can take your 3 necklaces off in one go.

Create a layered chain look of up to 3 chains. Gold plated. 

1. Attach the spring clasps of your necklaces to the jump rings on the Layered Necklace Separator. 

2. Attach the necklace jump rings to the spring clasps on the Layered Necklace Separator. 

3. Slide the magnetised inner tube of the Layered Necklace Separator out of the outer tube, put around your neck and replace the tubes. 

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