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The End Of The Summer That Never Was...

Rebecca Hopkins

Posted on August 09 2023

The End Of The Summer That Never Was...

It's nearly the end of the summer that never was but for those of you who, like me fully believe we've still got some sun to go we thought we'd show you the best of the sale...


Outfit 1

B. Young Nelo Knit

Grace & Mila Izzedine Trousers

Outfit 2

Kaffe Hella Knit

Kaffe Zilia Trousers

Outfit 3

FRNCH Laila Knit

Nekane Calantis Skirt

The summer dresses have been absolutely beautiful this year and we only have limited sizes left of each one shown.  So if you want it definitely be quick.

From L to R

FRNCH Anais Dress

FRNCH Daisy Dress

Selected Femme Aurelia Dress

Y.A.S Pronto Dress

Nekane Hayala Dress

And if you're lucky enough to still have a holiday to go on and you need some last minute bits then look no further...

Pieces Bilma One-Piece

Pieces Bonito Hat

Pieces Lara Dress

Orelia Double Necklace

A.Kjaebede Big Winnie Sunglasses


It's been lovely seeing so many of you over this pretend summer and fear not, the Instagram lives are coming back in September but thanks for checking in and asking about them.

Until then, keep popping on to see what's new and let's hope that this bit of sun is here to stay for a while.

Lots of love

Lou & Bex x


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