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Pops of Colour

Rebecca Hopkins

Posted on May 23 2023

Pops of Colour


We have Sunshine!

Maybe it's due to the delay in the sun shining for any length of time, but everyone comments on the 'beautiful colours' in our shops (thank you x) and now summer has officially started (hoorah), we can finally wear them!

Our rails are full to the brim of spring/summer colour so if you're off to a summer wedding, garden party, the races or you're just ready to celebrate the new season, we have you covered.

Take a look online at what's new in our stores right here...


Grace & Mila Kristen Dress   

Grace & Mila Kaspian Dress


We love a bright orange (or green!) dress here at MTB but you can instantly bring some brightness to your wardrobe with a pop or colour through your accessories and/or jewellery too.  Take a peek at the amazing new pink bag in from Monk & Anna, blue slides from Freedom Moses or coloured enamel jewellery from Enamel Copenhagen.  The possibilities are endless...


Monk & Anna Farou Half Moon Bag

Enamel Copenhagen Jewellery

Bring the colour, bring the joy!
Bex and Lou xx


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