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Vurchoo Gold Rising Star Studs - South Africa


Let us introduce you to Bless, a 13yr old pupil from

Let me introduce you to Bless, a 13yr old pupil from Vurchoo's new school partner: Leboneng Primary, Gauteng, South Africa. (which has a total of 41 students!)

Last year, Bless tragically lost her parents in June 2023 and found herself navigating a new path in life.

She belonged to a project in the school called 'Rising Stars' whose job it is to raise funds to support their own education.

The school took a decision to share the money made via the project with Bless to help her with essential provisions such as groceries, quality clothing and all things the head of a house needs to do.

This story is the essence of Vurchoo, and the reason for their collection 'Studs of Hope'.

The new Rising Stars earrings has the power to change the future for Bless and children just like her.

Every sale of these studs will help children in: South Africa

These stud earrings are made using sterling silver (925, hypoallergenic). 18kt gold plate

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