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The Little Book Of Manifestaion


This beginner’s guide is here to explain what manifesting is, how it works, and the simple steps you can take to get started. Based on the law of attraction and the principle of visualization, the core methods and techniques in this book will help you identify and progress towards your goals, and maintain the momentum once you get going.

Bring your aspirations into being and cultivate positive energy in all areas of your life by embracing and absorbing these insights:

  • Learn what manifestation is and isn’t, and how it calls for your commitment
  • Discover the history of manifestation, how it has evolved and why it’s become so popular
  • Find out how to tailor manifestation practices to land a dream job, find your soulmate or nurture your physical well-being
  • Understand the value of the concepts of intention, vibration and visualization
  • Grasp the meanings and methods behind common manifesting phrases such as “ask, believe, receive” and “ask the universe”
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