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State of A Birthstone Necklace



State of A jewelry is mainly made of raw brass and raw copper. Raw brass is a warm gold color and it will last forever!

By raw we mean that there are no finishes applied to the metal, such as plating which comes off after time, through wearing or anti-tarnish treatments. We LOVE our metals raw. By nature, raw brass and raw copper are both rather reactive to air and the oils on your skin, and therefore tarnish a little quicker than sterling silver (which also tarnishes, but a bit slower)

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine

April - Herkimer

May - Emerald

June - Moonstone

July - Ruby

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire

October - Tourmaline

November - Citrine

December - Turquoise

How to care for your jewellery:

All raw brass wants to deepen in color overtime. If you would prefer to keep them a bright gold-brass color, simply rub them with a jewelery polishing cloth, poliboy brasscleaner or brighten with lemon juice.

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