Oleum Vera Spa Mask


Feeling like spending a day at the spa? Treat your body with all natural ingredients, to a fresh mud mask and warm bath with calming bath salts with Oleum Vera’s organic Spa masks! You’ll be able to make three masks per capsule for a total of six.

Using organic ingredients only, you’ll be able to make three Invigorating Masks with white kaolin clay and lavender buds, and three Calming Bath Salts portions with Epsom salt & rose petals and pomegranate seed oil. You will feel relaxed and revitalized in no time with these Fresh Beauty 2-in-1 capsules!

All of our ingredients are certified organic (EcoCert, Cosmos Organic, USDA Organic).


48 masks total

  • 8 capsules of White Kaolin Clay and Lavender Buds. 3 uses per capsule.
  • 8 capsules of Epsom Salts & Rose Petals and Pomegranate seed oil. 3 uses per capsule.

Magnesium sulfate (13g), Kaolinite (9g), Punita Granatum Linn Oil (3g), Lavandula Angustifolia Flower (1.5g), Rosa Centifolia Petal (0.5g).