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Danielle Detoxifying Foot Pads - Vitality


Feet are an important part of your overall health and wellness. Often referred to as the second heart, they help circulate fluids back up into the body, which can be inhibited by factors such as poor diet, ill health, stress and fatigue or lack of sleep.

Formulated with natural ingredients to improve your wellbeing, the new vitality detoxifying foot pads work overnight to relax and enhance your rest cycle, stimulate reflexology zones and will help to remove toxins, reduce stress and promote a more restful sleep.

How do these foot pads 'draw' out impurities? The key ingredient found in the foot pads is 'bamboo vinegar extract'. This extract has strong absorption ability which draws out impurities & toxins from your body via your feet. The foot pad works by absorbing the impurities drawn from your feet.

The vitality detoxifying foot pads are so easy to use; simply wear whilst you’re sleeping, then in the morning when you wake, remove and discard.

Do not exceed 10 hours of use and remember to wash and dry your feet after.